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Crowborough & District Historical Society Conststution

  1. TITLE


  2. AIM

    The Aim of the Society is to promote an awareness of local history of the area by holding Events for its Members that consist of talks and discussions about issues of interest. The Society may also, from time to time, organise visits for its Members to areas that hold a special interest.


    1. The management of the Society shall be undertaken by a Management Committee that shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
    2. Additional Committee members may also be elected to fulfil other roles as nominated by the Chairman.
    3. The Committee shall authorise an Auditor for the verification of the Society's accounts.
    4. Supplementary Committee Members can be co-opted to the Committee to undertake tasks as designated by the Committee.
    5. The Committee shall have a collective responsibility to manage the Society to the best interest of the Society and the Society's, Members.
    6. The Chairman must call an Annual General Meeting to be held each December.
    7. The AGM will receive the Annual Report of the Management Committee.
    8. The Treasurer must provide the AGM with an annual audited statement of accounts
    9. Through the AGM the Membership must be given opportunity to discuss the management of the Society and to make proposals and amendments to its Rules.
    10. Minutes of Committee Meetings, the AGM and EGM's will be maintained by the Secretary.


    1. Committee Members shall be elected annually by the Members of the Society at the Society's Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting if called at the demand of the Members.
    2. A quorum of 10 members is the minimum number of Members required to call an EGM.
    3. A quorum of 5 Members is the minimum number of Members required to hold an AGM.


    1. Membership of the Society is open to any person by paying an annual subscription to the Society.
    2. The Management Committee reserve the right to deny membership to any individual.
    3. The Management Committee are authorised to grant Honorary Membership to any person who is deemed suitable to be awarded with such membership.
    4. The subscription fee shall be fixed by the Membership at the AGM.
    5. Membership will commence 1 January of each year and end on 31 December of the same year.
    6. Members will pay an entrance fee to attend Events. The fee will be fixed by the AGM.
    7. Non-Members are welcome to attend Events but must pay an entrance fee as fixed by the AGM.
    8. Special dispensation of Membership Subscriptions may be granted to Members who have joined the Society within the last 4 months of any membership period.


    1. The Committee shall publish to its Members a Programme of Events.
    2. The Committee shall put in place 12 Events per year that meet with the Aims of the Society.
    3. Events will normally be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
    4. Members will be given as much notice as possible about the impending topic for each event; but should normally be given a minimum of one months notice.
    5. Members must be advised of the venue for each Event.
    6. Attendees at Events will normally be provided with refreshments at the cessation of the talk or discussion. The cost of refreshments will be met from the entrance fee.